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What is R.O.M. Meditation (Results Oriented Meditation)?

Results Oriented Meditation (R.O.M.), is there such a thing? And how to get started? 

I am going to explain you in few paragraphs what is this ROM Meditation that I have created and how it helps me to achieve goals that I have in mind. I am going to give you the blueprint. You don't need to pay anything.You don't need to contract me to help you or your team. You can start immediately. 
What I do is to set a "cycle" of 7 days meditations about a topic that I want to change or achieve results with. By committing to only 7 days, I know I can be disciplined enough to meditate for 7 days straight in one topic. Then I see results, get encouraged and continue for another 7 days.

 I follow the guidelines from Joe Dispenza. I picked up bits and pieces from his book "Supernatural".
First of all I choose one letter that symbolises what I am trying to achieve, for example Work. I draw a big W with some flowers and waves and radiating energy. Then, in the left, I make a list of points I want to achieve regarding Work, for example: "Do Work that I feel passionate about, attract amazing clients, be hadsomely compensated ,etc.". Those are my "intentions". An Intention is a bit different than a goal because it doesn't have a specific timeline for taking specific actions. It is more a desire and I plant in my subconscious mind the firm intention to realise it. Then, right of my letter, I write a list of "Elevated Emotions".Those are emotions that I anticipate feeling when my intention is realised, for example: "gratitude, enthusiasm, peace of mind, feeling energised, humbled, etc."
Why to focus on Elevated Emotions?
You can see this from many points of views. Joe Dispenza explains it in quantic physics terms. I am a bit more pragmatical. I would say that in order to achieve a goal, your intentions are thoughts of what you want to achieve and they are like the rocket that you build to get to the moon. The elevated emotions are the fuel. You can't get to the moon without the rocket but also, you can't get there without the rocket fuel. You need both.
You have several parts of your brain that will work together when you activate clarity of thought and emotions at the same time.

Many business people have asked me: why doing this in a meditative state? Could I not just write my intentions and my elevated emotions and then take action on those?

Well, this is the thing. During the day, our brain exhibits beta wave patterns, a rapid wave pattern that is appropiate for the active and awoken state.
Right before we fall sleep and when we just woke up, our brain has a slower alpha wave pattern and it has been studied that in that state, we can access our subconscious mind more readily. And you want to plant your intentions and future emotions in your subconscious mind.

I will explain it this way for my technology oriented friend (and who is not technology oriented these days, taking into account the powerful phones that we carry around?).

The mind is like a computer. The brain is the hardware and the mind is the software.
So the hardware consists of tangible, made of flesh, neuron cells and other components.
The software consists of thoughts, emotions, beliefs, visions of the past and the future, etc.
When we use a computer, we know intuitively that if we are using Word, we won't achieve the same result that if we are using Powerpoint. If you want a document you use Word, if you want an slides presentation, you use Powerpoint.
If we want a different result, we change the software.
For our daily life, we carry in our head very powerful hardware and software, ones that our 21st century technology has not been able to match: our brain and our mind.
But nobody has given us a manual to use it.
And the funny thing is that we are the programmers of it, but we are not programming our mind, we are leaving it with "default settings".
So this is an attempt to start using your software in a way that will accelerate your goals.

Answering the question I made earlier in a different way: doing the intentions/elevated emotions exercise in a meditative state will allow you to reprogram your mind. The awaken state does not allow you to access your subconscious mind.

By entering your intentions and desired elevated emotions during your meditative state, i.e. when the brain patterns are in alpha, and therefore the subconscious is more accessible, your are actually reprogramming your brain (yes, I know I am repeating myself, so we all get the point).
So you are changing the software.
And therefore you will achieve different results.
Once you have programmed your intentions and emotions into your subconscious mind, the new programme starts running in the background.
You don't have to do anything and it will run and produce the results that you intended.
That is how powerful our brain is.

Now, what do you do once you have written your desired intentions and elevated emotions?

Then you find a quiet spot, when you will not be interrupted, and you close your eyes.
You will sense inmediately that your mind is restless, because that is the nature of the mind. The mind will bring you thoughts of what you still have to do that day, emotions from the past both good and bad, etc. Let those thoughts go like if it was a movie and you were the obsever. Because in fact you are the observer.
Position yourself as the Observer until the mind chatter quiets down.
Then bring to your mind those intentions that you have selected. Keep your focus on those intentions for few minutes, 2 or 3 min is OK.
Then bring those elevated emotions to your heart. If you have selected gratitude, feel the gratitude for all that you have, for the people in your life, for the trips, the experiences, the joys and even for the sorrows. For life.
If you have selected peace of mind, feel the peace of this moment, the present moment is peaceful if you stay on it, out of the present and future, just feeling the now.
After you have focused on feeling the emotions that you have selected, just stay there for 10 min or so, in the darkness of your eyes closed, in the silent.
Just trust the process of creation that you are putting in motion and let all your judgements about what is possible dissapear. Just trust. Stay there. In the silent. In the emptyness.
Something new will be created from those seeds of intention that you have planted.
The elevated emotions will water those plants until they bloom.

Next day do the same, and the following day the same, for 7 days.

You will be amazed at the new things that will show up in your life.

You will continue taking actions aligned with your goals, of course, but somehow you will feel that those actions seem easier. There is less struggle and forcing to get to results. There is a wind on your back pushing you to the finishing line.

With this ROM Meditation you are reprogramming your brain, activating your vision and instilling more positive and empowering emotions.
You are also training your mind to enter in a relaxing state more easily, which will come handy when the upsets of life and business find you. Then you will be able to observe the chatter of the mind and know that you are bigger than that, you are the programmer of your reality.

If you need help to do this meditation for you or your team, please contact me and I will help you. We can do a meditation together over video conference and I will guide you and your team to start this worthy journey.