• Recover your Mojo, your identity, your self-confidence and your Power.

    Empowering women to get their Mojo back.

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    What I do


    Recover your Mojo is a new initiative geared towards professional and business women that have been involved at some point in a psychologically abusive relationship at home or at work and who feel that they have "lost their mojo" and need to get it back.

    Recover your Mojo offers Private Coaching, Online Group Coaching to connect women with a community of like-minded women and Retreats in person, which are transformative experiences and the opportunity to heal and create network.

    We also offer Corporate Training, to educate people on what Psychological Abuse and Coercive Control are, and the long term effects in people's mental health and business productivity.

    Psychological abuse is a less known form of abuse (compared with physical abuse) and has been taboo for a long time.

    In many cases people in these relationships don't even know that they have been psychologically manipulated to the point of losing their freedom, or in other words, coercively controlled.

    Once they get out, they know that they are not functioning at the same level than before, but as they never recognised what was done to them, they cannot begin the process of healing.

    With recover your Mojo, along with different practitioners in the 5 Dimensions of Wellbeing (physical, financial, social, psychological and spiritual), I will dedicate myself to help women recover their former self, identity, self-confidence and agency, so they can bring all their potential again to the world (the world needs it desperately!) and in the process recover the joy in their lives!



  • Recover your Mojo Online Coaching Program

    5 weeks for only 250€ (+VAT in the EU)

    It starts on Monday 24th June at 4 PM Amsterdam Time.

    Each session is 90 min in Zoom.

    5 Mondays in a row.

    Course subscribers have access to all Recover Your Mojo Online Courses in 2024!

  • Annual Transformational Retreat

    in the South of Spain

  • Contact us for information on Private Coaching,

    Online Group Coaching,

    Corporate Training


    the Annual Retreat in Spain.




    Email me at md@marinmadorado.com

    or DM me on Linkedin.


    Delft, The Netherlands