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    I help all type of businesses to be more efficient and profitable by getting crystal clear and passionate about their mission and their why. I help them to acquire customers that are a perfect fit for them. Also, I help their executives and all individuals in these organisations to manage their mindset to be more successful in what they want to accomplish.


    I do this by using The Passion Engineering Program. This Program has 3 Parts: Ignite the Passion, Sustain the Passion and Anchor the Passion.


  • Passion Produces Results

    These are the 3 modules of the "Passion Produces Results" Program

    Ignite the Passion

    (with the Power of Clarity)

    There are plenty of research that links passion with productivity and profits.

    Passion is the highest form of engagement.

    If that is the case, it is critical to activate Passion in our organisations.

    Passion and Engagement arise when we get clear about what has meaning to us and we introduce it in our business and work life.

    We provide Tools to Ignite Passion with the Power of Clarity.

    We provide:

    • A method to Discover what really matters to organisation, your 5 Top Business Passions.
    • A Facilitation to obtain your Unique Contribution or Purpose.
    • A 3 steps process to create tangible results out of that Clarity.
    • A Road map to ignite the engagement in the organisation and the leaders.
    • A document with the Markers that show you evidence that you are following the road map created.
    • A team Training to ignite the Passion of your employees, by helping them connect their own Passions with the Business Passions.
    • A Clarity Ceremony to connect the Business Passions from the leaders with the employees' Work Passions.
    • An Action Plan Workshop to commit to specific actions that will move forward the Business & Work Passions.


    Sustain the Passion

    (engaging with perfect customers)


    Once Passion has been Activated, it needs to be sustained by connecting with "perfect-fit" internal and external customers.

    We provide:


    • A method to determine who are the perfect customers that will facilitate your particular goals.
    • A way to turnaround existing situations that are less than perfect with existing customers.
    • A 5 steps strategic process to engage with perfect customers on a continuous basis.
    • Facilitation of "Individual Strategic Attraction Plans" (SAP) that will allow each person to identify changed they need to make to engage with their "perfect-fit" internal and external customers.
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    Anchor the Passion

    (through Measuring & Celebrating)


    If we want Passion to be present at all times, we need to keep anchoring the results that we are getting.

    We anchor the Passion by taking Action and then measuring and celebrating critical KPIs that tell us that we are achieving our goals.

    We provide:

    • Expert Consulting to select the most appropriate KPIs that will move your needle.
    • Group dynamics to incorporate the measurement of KPIs  on your culture.
    • Tools to Incorporate celebration as a ritual when results are achieved.
    • A 1 year Continuous Improvement program to incorporate Measuring & Celebrating in your Culture DNI.

    Resilience Training

    One of the main interests of companies these days is to train their employees to be resilient. Resilience is a series of mental attitudes that allow leaders and employees at all levels to withstand changes, uncertainty, disappointment, frustration, etc. and return to a positive outlook fast and without permanent damage to the way they perceive themselves, the company or their work.

    The beauty of the times that we live in is that several authors have created methodologies for resilience that are easily learned by leaders and employers.


    It is one of my passions to bring these methodologies to the work environment. In order to succeed at one's job, we must be able to come back to our center and for that, we should have tools that allow us to navigate uncertainty, change and disappointment.


    We provide:

    • Training in the methodology called "EFT/Tapping" for Emotional Management. This method is easily learned by leaders and employees, works fast and can be used any time there is a disappointment, to come back to a calm outlook.
    • Workshops using "The Work" from Byron Katie as the basis to deal with hurtful thoughts that produce stress. What stresses us is not the situation that arises but our thoughts about the situation. This methodology allow us to confront these hurtful thoughts and turn them around before they produce disempowering emotions.
    • Training in the method "The Passion Test" to help leaders and employees to become passionate about their work. There is no need to change job or department. Once we find what energises us, we can choose in favor of this more often. Imagine to come back home energised from your work. This is the outcome of this program. One can not be stressed and passionate at the same time: that is impossible. Feeling passionate about your work will help you be more resilient when changes, uncertainty and disappointment hit you.
    • A 1 year Continuous Improvement program to incorporate these tools in your daily routine.
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  • My Experience



    From engineering modelling to Passion Engineering



    The engineering modelling


    • I worked for 18 years in different engineering software companies (Baker Jardine, Hyprotech, EPS, Indus, Invensys and PAS) creating clients and opening markets all over the world (Houston, Mexico. Venezuela, Russia, Brunei, all Western Europe, etc.)

    • Engineering modelling is very practical. We used to say: "we get out what we put in". In this way people understood that they needed to take responsibility for the quality of their input.

    • Just because I was very technical about engineering software, that did not mean I was using the right "engineering model" for sales.

    • I realised that there needed to be a better way. I started searching for it.

    The customer engagement model


    • I found a model to attract 100% "perfect customers" 100% of the time.
    • With this model I can now transform any disappointment in business into valuable information that I can use to refine my model for customer engagement.

    • I teach now a way to manage the input (in this model "input" are beliefs and values, ways of being in the world and actions).

    • Having a model for customer engagement means that revenue is more predictable.
    • This framework will shorten the sales cycle. No more "18 months sales cycle" standards.
    • With this model we become the "perfect-fit" customers that we which to attract into our business.



    The employee  engagement model


    • I started my career with unbounded enthusiasm and passion for my job. With time I lost my "mojo" and I realised that without passion I was ineffective and not so creative.

    • In 2012 I became a Passion Test for Business Facilitator with the New York Time bestseller Janet and Chris Atwood who trained me personally.

    • Having clarity of what really mattered to me and having a model to choose in favor of that ,meant that I had extra energy, creativity and drive for my business and my life.

    • I have now a model to help businesses to find the clarity of what really matters to them and ignite the passion of leaders and employees.

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