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    Creating awesome relationships with customers and partners that lead to sales doesn't need to be so hard. I will show you an easier way.

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    What I do


    I help entrepreneurs and sales leaders to be more efficient and profitable with their sales by : 1) getting crystal clear and passionate about their mission and their why, 2) Identifying which customers are a perfect fit for their business and learning to attract them, 3) Incorporating powerful mindsets for themselves and their team members which will lead to the sustainable and optimum actions which produce sales.


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    Passion Test for Work for Individuals         (2 Sessions of 90 min);        450€+VAT (21%) = 544.5€ 1

    Passion Test for Work for Individuals (2 Sessions of 90 min); 450€+VAT (21%) = 544.5€ 1

    544,50 €
    This powerful process will help you discover your 5 Top Work Passions in order to create your most meaningful and passionate work life. Once you have those 5 priorities, I will provide you with a 3 steps method to take control of your work life and design it in your terms, for maximum success and fulfillment.
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    Passion Mindset Package for Companies; Two 3-hour Workshops; up to 20 people: 5000€ exc. VAT

    Passion Mindset Package for Companies; Two 3-hour Workshops; up to 20 people: 5000€ exc. VAT

    5.000,00 €
    Passion is the Mindset that makes a difference in all successful companies such as Apple, Tesla, Salesforce, etc. But, how do they do it? You have tried to instill passion and enthusiasm in your employees with not so much success. Why? The secret is this:1- For team members to be passionate, their individual passion needs to be connected with what they do for work and 2-your work purpose should be clear, strong and contribution-focused. I can help you in both categories in two super express Workshops which will increase the level of energy in your team tenfold!
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    Passion Test for Work for Groups (3 hours Workshop), 250€+VAT (21%) per participant. Min. 10 people.

    Passion Test for Work for Groups (3 hours Workshop), 250€+VAT (21%) per participant. Min. 10 people.

    302,50 €
    Provided that there are minimum 10 participants, the Passion test for Work van be provided in a Group Workshop format via videoconference. In this Workshop, you will discover along with the other participants, the Top 5 Work Passions that energize your work life and allow you to excel and be successful with less effort and stress and maximum enjoyment.
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  • Courses

    I offer a variety of courses to ease the pain of selling and help you to create results

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    Sales Decluttering Group Coaching for Entrepreneurs & Corporate Sales people


      In this Online Live Course for entrepreneurs and Corporate sales people you will change your paradigms about selling in 5 consecutive sessions of 90 min each, surrounded by a group of sales people from different sectors.

      This course is totally Online and can be taken from all over the world.


      I will be your teacher & Coach Live during 90 min, teaching your powerful mindsets to make your sales more effortless, and Coaching you Live on your existing issues.


      You will also hear your course mates's issues and my coaching to them, which will result in powerful learning moments for you as you for sure will relate to what others are going through when trying to sign up customers.


      This course is based on subtracting rather than adding more information or tools. We will be decluttering what no longer serves us in our sales operation, and leaving only what is the heart of the matter that will lead to results.


      These are the 5 areas that I will be coaching you around:

      1. Decluttering your customers: we will acknowledge that not all customers are created equal and will start letting go of customers or prospects that have been clogging our system. We will connect with what has been working and not in our business and will recommit to accepting only what is a match for us and our business.
      2. Decluttering your heart: we will reconnect with the passion and love that we have for what we do. And if we don't love what we do, we will ask ourselves, what do we love? What's important to us? Sales happen when you are connected to your heart and your customer resonate with you and with what is important to him/her.
      3. Decluttering your offerings: are you adapting to all the requests from your customers or what is worse, what you think they would want? Do you offer too many products and services? We are going back to basics and offering only what we would love to deliver.
      4. Decluttering your beliefs: Over the years we have all incorporated beliefs about ourselves, our country, the market in which we operate, the clients, what is possible in business, etc. It is time to declutter some of those beliefs that no longer serve us and uncover the pure excellence that we are made of when we have no limiting beliefs.
      5. Decluttering your actions: And finally we will create a "not-to-do list" which is more important than our To-do list. We will remove all the distractions that have been cluttering our days and will identify the optimum actions (sometimes not the easiest) that will lead to the results we want.
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      Monday Mindsets Group Coaching for Sales Managers

      In this Online Live Course exclusively for Sales Managers that run teams, I will train you to transform the Monday Sales calls into opportunities for group coaching, motivation and inspiration so people leave the call energised and ready to take action.

      Sales Managers are normally promoted because they are very good as individual sales people or because they understand very well the products or services that the company is selling. But only 10% of the Sales Managers have received training on motivating and coaching people.

      Coaching is not giving advice or finding fault.

      When done right, Coaching is the most powerful tool that you have to accelerate your team's results.

      In this 5 sessions Group Coaching I will train your Sales Managers using the 5 powerful steps of the "Sales decluttering" method so they can use it in their Monday Sales Calls and individual calls with their Sales Team members.

      They will learn to:

      • Create transformation in the Monday Sales Calls, instead of exchanging just information.
      • Help the team to adopt new paradigms and create a new vocabulary for collaborating between them instead of competing.
      • Have a specific tool to help their team members to move forward when they are disappointed after a sales call with a client.
      • To move towards more honesty and vulnerability in their sales people that lead to more accurate sales forecast.
      • To use a tool in their individual meetings with sales people that empower their team instead of making them feel criticised and deflated.
      • To have a 5 steps method that they can pass to their sales teams through several steps in the Monday Sales calls, which is going to lead to increased sales.


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      Corporate "in-house" Programmes

      If you prefer the courses "in-house" please contact me at md@marinmadorado.com for a customised course that fits your needs.

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