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How you can use Meditation to improve your business

Meditation is now mainstream. The guys that created the meditation App Headspace know that very well as are now producing sales of more than 100 MM $ per year with this App that helps people meditate. Who would have thought that was possible few years ago? Whole companies buy corporate licenses of Headspace for their employees or offer paid classes at lunch time or after work.

People swear by meditation and credit it with changing their life, making them feel healthier, more rested, more relaxed and even more successful. Then, why can't you start a meditation practice? I will explain you why and will connect the practice of meditation with increased success in your business.

The reason that you can't make meditation work for you is because anything that comes from the East, we in the West strip away from its spirituality context. We want the bullet points: the 3 steps to business profitability using meditation, for example. That doesn't work because it spoils what meditation really is.

That is why I am going to introduce you to the spiritual context of meditation, but in a way that you can understand with your Western mind.

But my explanation is going to have plenty of spirituality. I am warning you that I am not holding back..;)

If you want meditation really working for you and enhancing your quality of life, your relationships, health and business, I think that the spiritual context needs to be there.

There I go..


You are an spiritual Being in a physical body. You are an Infinite Being. You were a Being for an eternity before you entered in a physical body and will continue Being after you die.

You are the Being.

In Spanish it might make me more sense when we say: Eres el SER.

This Infinite Being is a creator and has a lot to give (obviously, because is infinite). It has an infinite amount of ideas, insights and peace.

It has the whole picture: past, present and the ability to see the infinite possibilities of your future.

The future is not yet created, but the Infinite Being that you are, knows what you are capable of, because IS you.

This Infinite Being that you are has a bigger picture than the inner small self, the ego, that I will call Small Me.

The Small Me has created a character with all the experiences, thoughts and emotions from birth and it holds to that character for dear life. It believes that is all he has.

That is why it has a vested interest in protecting that character, so if anyone doubts it, he gets "offended".

Then Small Me lives all the time anticipating attack and defending himself from attack. It is an stressful way to live.

Small Me acts from scarcity.

The Infinite Being creates from abundance.


What is meditation?

Meditation is simply experiencing that you are the Infinite Being, even for few seconds.


The peace and relief that comes with experiencing that you are an Infinite Being, not perishable, with amazing peace and always full of streaming ideas and insights, is wonderful.

That is why people swear that 15 min of meditation equals 8 hours of sleep.


But you close your eyes for 15 min and the only thing that happens is that you get bombarded with thoughts, emotions and worries from the Small Me: "I have to answer that email, my sales are not in track this quarter, that prospect promised he would buy and now is giving excuses, etc., etc.".

How are those 15 min going to offer you any rest? They make you feel worse.


Of course they do, because you have believed the decaffeinated version of meditation that have told you that meditation is giving your mind a break, relax for a bit, etc., etc.

That is not what we are talking about.


Meditation is so life changing because it allows you to experience the hidden truth about who you are: the Infinite Being, bathed with all type of abundance and that creates from that abundance. You experience that you are not the Small Me, stressed, angry and worried about all that he perceives to be a threat. You stop identifying with Small Me. You watch the movie, but you stop believing that you are IN the movie. You become the Observer.


Once you experience that you are actually that Infinite Being, you will keep coming back for more. You will sit down to experience it again and again, at 5 AM in the morning or at 9 PM at night, in the Metro, in nature or in the bathroom. It doesn't matter.

This experience is worthy, and recreating it, starts providing you with all type of benefits.


Meditation will give you the following benefits from your business and your life:


- Insights and ideas that make a difference, because they are innovative and creative.

- It remove stress, expanding your peripheral vision, so you can see a wider spectrum of what is possible.

- It provides you with the ability to react with equanimity when upsets come in business, making decisions with more calm and perspective.

- It improves your relationships with team members, prospects, customers, partners, etc. because you react less with stress, anger, scarcity, etc.

- It increases your physical health, wellbeing and vitality so you have more energy to take action in your business.

- It increases your attention span, concentration and ability to focus, with the obvious benefits of that for your business.


If you sincerely want to create a meditation practice for yourself and/or your team and are finding it difficult, please contact me and I will help you.

I have created a meditation method for business people called R.O.M. (Results Oriented Meditation) that can work wonders for you and your business.

I can provide you and your team a guided meditation and we can meditate together over Zoom videoconference or in person.

I promise you it's a worthy journey to start.