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The power of a single word: Recommit

Recommit: I love this world. I discovered it when I attended my Passion Test Certification Course in Florida in 2012. We would fall behind schedule during the training because every time we were coming back later and later from the ten minutes breaks. The teacher proposed that we recommit to being on time after the breaks.No shaming, no recrimination: just recommit. And we did.
Since then, I have used that word for everything, personal and business.
For example, have you gone off track with your eating or exercise plan (or both)?
You can recommit. You can start again without shaming or self-judgement.
Start again committing to your health, your fitness, feeling good and looking good.
In business, the same applies.
Have you gone off track as a sales person and have had few bad weeks in terms of phone calls to prospects? Have you not attended your follow-up calls as you should? Have you not put the energy that you know you have in your sales meetings? This single word, recommit, can work wonders for your sales results.
Recommit. Recommit. Recommit.
Remember why you are doing what you do in the first place. If you don't have a strong reason: find it! You need a strong why and chances are that the best reasons are at the top of the 6 human needs piramid (growth and contribution) rather at the bottom (safety, variety, love/connection and significance).
Don't you know the 6 human needs model? Tony Robbins explains it in this popular Ted Talk.
That is a mindset of purpose and it will help you to be energised and passionate about what you do again.
Growth is a strong motivator, as we are driven to become the best version of ourselves.
Contribution is what moves us when we derive joy from being of service to others.
These two drivers will help you recommit. You will start calling, meeting, Zooming or Skyping again with renewed energy. That, of course, will have a positive impact on your sales success.
Please share with us what a Mindset of Recommit has done for you this week.
For me it has meant recommitting to working out with Hasfit again 5 days a week. And I am feeling better already.