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How Perfectionism is killing your business

"I should have done better”- it would seem that reviewing our actions and learning from what didn’t work out is a good thing to do.
Having an attitude of learning constantly from the feedback that we receive in business seem to most of us, a healthy trait to have.
When does this attitude become a block to our success?
When we can not appreciate ourselves for who we are in the present moment, and constantly criticise our actions, this has a devastating effect in the way that we take action particularly.
We must remember that the primary function of our subconscious mind is to keep our safety so we can survive.
If when we reach out to the market, and venture “out there” with our products and services, we receive ruthless criticism from ourselves, the natural reaction of our subconscious mind would be to protect us from such predator: we are our worst enemy.
How would that manifest? It is subtle, and some times we don’t make the connection. It manifests when we have people to call, blog posts to write, actions to take, people to partner with, and we don’t take action.
We procrastinate, come up with excuses, and do other things before we do the ones we know are the game changer.
Will power does not work here. You simply can not fight with your subconscious perceived attempt to keep you safe from harm. You will lose.
The only thing that would help is catch yourself in that ruthless criticism, and remembering that being kind to yourself is not the same that being someone unable to learn from mistakes. 
We still can learn but remembering that our worth is a given, and can not be questioned every step of the way.
We can take some time everyday to remember all the great things that we do for others: our family, our loved ones, and for our clients, with the dedication and passion that we put in our business.
If you are seeking something that will clean that criticism in a deeper way, I would advise you to check the chakra energy centers, because they are a fantastic structure for self-development (as an engineer I like structured knowledge).
In particular the fourth chakra or heart chakra, represents the ability to hold compassion, love and forgiveness for ourselves. Having a closed fourth chakra is the surest way to block your business from succeeding.
If this is too metaphysical for you, I would recommend just doing a daily “gratitude to self” exercise. 
And very soon you will be taking all those actions that you have been procrastinating for weeks, months, years?
There is nothing more empowering in our business that taking the actions that you know move the needle.
And interestingly, those actions gets unblocked when we love and forgive ourselves, who knew?